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Express Oil Change & Tire Service – No Appointment Needed

no appointment needed

No appointment needed, Same-Day service

At LubeFx+, your time is our top priority.

We offer Oil Change & Tire Services that are quick and convenient for you without booking an appointment.

Our certified technicians are always ready to provide you with the right Car-Care to help keep your vehicle running in top-notch shape & performance.

 Pull up, sit back & relax – allow us to give you something less to worry about.

We will deliver a thorough assessment of your vehicle’s needs with each visit. From checking tires washing windows to our courtesy 24 Point Maintenance Checks and Engine Code Diagnostics – our team will have you back on the road, worry-free.

We offer complimentary beverages, such as water, coffee, and tea. – Consider trying a cup of our hot mocha chocolate drinks

a service that comes with a piece of mind.

At LubeFx+, We want to give you more than just an oil change service – but also Peace of mind to go along with it.


We Service All Makes & Models.

Lubefx plus takes pride in Quality Service. We use Warranty-Certified products that meet your vehicle’s Manufacturer Service Specifications & requirements.

Please note: All of our inspections are visual.

oil change services

Conventional Oil 

5000 Kms


high mileage oil

High Mileage Oil

6000 Kms


premium syntheic oil

Premium Synthetic Blend 

6000 Kms



ultra synthetic oil

Ultra-Synthetic Oil Change

8000 Kms


certified technicians

We Take Good Care.

Our certified technicians know what’s best for your vehicle to help keep it running  much better for a lot longer.

Here at LubeFx+, you can trust our technicians to have your vehicle serviced quickly & professionally – Getting you back on the road without any worries.

Oil Change Experts

Excellent Customer Service

Fast, Friendly & Reliable

Best Prices guaranteed.

Warranty-Certified Service. Skip the Dealer.

We Work By The Book, Your Manufactures Book.

One of the most frequently asked questions by newer vehicle owners: Will taking my new vehicle to LubeFx+ void my warranty?

Well, We have good news for you. Here at LubeFx+, our services are worry-free. Our Products & Services are warranty-certified which, meets your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty Specifications. With each service, we provide our customers with a service inspection based on the service interval recommended by your Manufacturer – this is to ensure your warranty is always up to date & never voided.


Best price guaranteed. Stop paying more.

warranty certified
LubeFX Tires • Maintenance 01

Why choose us.

Best Service, Best Price. Guaranteed.

We Are Edmonton’s leading Quick-Lube Service, whether in Quality Service or the lowest price. We Value our customers – and this is why we want them to get a much better service for a fraction less than anywhere else.
LubeFx+ conducts a quarterly Market Price Assessment for automotive retail services in the quick-lube industry – this ensures that our customers are always saving more with each visit.



What are the benefits of synthetic oil VS conventional oils?

Synthetic oil promotes additional lubrication properties to protect better and prolong the life of your engine & performance. The additives used to make synthetic oil, allow oil to stay running smoothly throughout your engine vs. conventional oils, which thicken & break much faster, leading to more frequent oil changes.
Here are lubefx+; we want our customers to be happy and comfortable choosing the right oil that works the best for their vehicle's needs. For more information about our products & services, click learn more. Synthetic oil allows your engine to start and perform smoother under -40 weather conditions & has a higher stress tolerance level for when put under pulling & towing pressures. It is not about what's most expensive, but what's most beneficial.

Why is preventative fluid maintenance important for my vehicle?

Your vehicle is just as essential as you. It is a part of your day-to-day life, whether it's used for going to work, school, driving your kids, or even going on a fantastic family road trip! But the key is preventative fluid maintenance; just like we need to maintain our health, we cannot forget about your vehicle's health as well. Not being on top of your maintenance schedule can cause damage to engine parts, costing you heavily in mechanical repair bills. It is essential to know that not only your engine oil requires change, but so do other mechanical components in your vehicle that contribute to its overall operation. Our certified technicians are determined to educate our customers on how to help keep the maintenance of their vehicles up to date, running in top-notch shape & performance. We perform our visual & comprehensive 24 point fluid inspection; after conducting our assessment, we will discuss what necessary services are needed what can wait. We want to ensure that our customers make the right choice based on education and not out of fear.

How do i obtain information about owning a lubefx franchise?

To learn more about owning a Lubefx+ franchise, please click the "Own a LubeFx store" and submit the information on the form. What are Lubefx store hours? to find out about hours of operation, feel free to contact us at 780-457 PLUS (7587) How can I submit my resume or apply for a position at LubeFx? To learn more about job openings or career opportunities, please click on the 'careers' link that's located on top of the page or email your resume to

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LubeFX Tires • Maintenance 01

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