Drivetrain Services

Keeping your vehicle's momentum power in place, we offer a professional service for all your drivetrain components.

drivetrain service


Drivetrain service is apart of keeping your vehicle’s momentum power in place, we offer a professional service for all your drivetrain components. Your vehicle’s drivetrain sends power from the engine to the wheels. Your drivetrain is made of 3 parts, differentials (front and rear) and transfer case (in 4-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles), which all connect to the transmission. Our service technicians are experts at inspecting your drive train fluids to ensure your vehicle’s drivetrain components are in excellent working order.

Do you experience your turns being a little more complicated than expected? Are you experiencing unusual grinding noises coming in from underneath your vehicle?

Come in to see one of our Hight trained service experts for courtesy a drivetrain inspection.


Over time, fluids in the front and rear differential systems break down, causing tension and strain on the gear mechanism. Keeping your differential fluids clean and up to date will help extend the life of your differential by allowing the gears to stay lubricated and operate at top performance.

Our Lubefx+ service experts are here to help you take each turn with confidence.


The transfer Case operating system is the heart of your drivetrain. The transfer case allocates power to the front and rear differentials. That is why keeping your transfer case fluids leveled and clean is the essential key to optimal performance.

Our friendly service experts will be happy to help you inspect this fluid and keep your vehicle in gear and in good working condition.

To help keep your drivetrain components in optimal performance, we recommend you service them every two years or 40,000kms  – After the first recommended service by your vehicles manufacturer.

What is the service?
A special fluid is used to lubricate, cool and clean the gears in the transfer case. The old transfer case fluid is removed and replaced with new fluid that conforms to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation.

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