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Do you want to get into something new with a little more control & support? 

If this sounds like you, perhaps you should take steps to become a LubeFx+ Franchise Owner.

Owning a LubeFx+ Franchise allows you to awaken your business spirit & putting it right into action – Without having to take the risk of starting a new business from the ground up.

Benefits Of Owning A LubeFx+ Franchise

Proven Branding system

Complete operating System

Partnership Programs

upscale service & sales training

Service & Sales Support

Profitable Buying Power

Access to Prime Store Locations

Open door business support

Why Own a LubeFx+ Franchise.

Owning a LubeFx+ franchise allows you to own & operate a successful business with a team of business & marketing experts.

 Our Goal is to provide our franchisees with the exceptional support to help make their Quick-Lube franchise experience true success.


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Brand recognition

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Franchise Support

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Purchasing Strength

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financial growth & control


What are the benefits of synthetic oil VS conventional oils?

Synthetic oil promotes additional lubrication properties to better protect and prolong the life of your engine & performance. The additives used to make synthetic oil, allows oil to stay running smoothly through out your engine vs conventional oils which thicken & break much faster leading to more frequent oil changes.
Here are lubefx, we want our customers to be happy and comfortable choosing the right oil that works the best to their vehicles needs. for more information about our products & service click learn more. Synthetic oil allows your engine to start and perform smoother under -40 weather conditions & has a higher stress tolerance level for when put under pulling & towing pressures. its not about what's most expansive, buts its about what's most beneficial.

Why is preventative fluid maintenance important for my vehicle?

Your vehicle is just as essential as you. it is apart of your day to day life whether its used for going to work, school, driving your kids, or even going on a cool family road trip! but the key is preventative fluid maintenance, just like we need to maintain our health, we also cannot forget about your vehicles health as well. Not being on top of your maintenance schedule can lead to damages to engine parts costing you heavily in mechanical repair bills. its very important to know that not only your engine oil requires change, but so does other mechanical components in your vehicle that contribute to its overall operation. our certified technicians are determined to educate our customers on how to help keep their vehicles maintenance up to date, running in top-notch shape & performance. We perform a visual & comprehensive 24 point fluid inspection, after we have conducted our checks, we now educate our customers on what's good, what can wait and what's due. Ensuring that our customers are making the right choice based on education and not out of fear.

How do i obtain information about owning a lubefx franchise?

To learn more about owning a lubefx franchise , please click the "Own a LubeFx store" and submit the information on the form. 4. what are Lubefx store hours? to find out about hours of operation, feel free to contact us at 780-457 PLUS (7587) 5. how can i submit my resume or apply for a position at LubeFx? to learn more about job openings or career opportunities, please click on the 'careers' link that's located on top of the page or email your resume to

Franchise inquiries

Thank you for inquiring with us about franchising. We look forward to speaking with driven individuals who seek a business that can become a true success story for them.
If you’d like to speak to someone in person, feel free to call 780-707-0710

Please note; only City of Edmonton & area locations are available.
if you’d like to speak to someone feel free to email

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